Another drawing that I did for a friend of mine. This is one of her TES: Online characters; Yvenyss, a dunmer nightblade!

"If a way does not exist, they make one. She’s jaded and is opportunistic - she relies more on luck and shadows to get her way through Morrowind and out into Tamriel." 

Tarot card for my Hawke, Aubrey, based on the designs I’ve seen for Dragon Age: Inquisition’s companion cards. I chose to steal the imagery from the first card in a Tarot deck - The Fool : perfect for a purple!Bloodmage!Hawke! :) 

Definitely inspired by kelgrid and andybennett

Hey Everyone: A Quick Update!

I’m busily working on some new and exciting projects for Dragon Age, The Elder Scrolls, Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder RPG, and some secret stuff that I can’t really talk about yet, but I wanted to take some time to mention some absolutely radical artists who you should totally check out if you have the time!

denythem is the sweetest thing that ever lived and an incredibly talented painter who does absolutely beautiful fan art for The Elder Scrolls, with the odd Dragon Age thrown in.

andybennett is crazily talented and skilled, to the point that it freaks me out. I know that he has a shit-ton of followers already and is probably best known for his Dragon Age redesigns. He’s kind of amazing. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention latinwords - Kat’s not only a fucking wonderful human being, but her artwork has a fabulous style, and fluidity that I envy. She offers commissions too!

Speaking of commissions, my buddy neurocease is offering DIRT CHEAP commissions. High recommend! 

So my muse denythem and  were talking about an upcoming mod for Skyrim, called ‘Beyond Cyrodil’ - and we were talking about how it would be neat if your Dragonborn could go to Cloud Ruler Temple, and see the ghosts of the Blades. I had to do a short comic about that exact subject. 

Featuring my Dragonborn, who I never draw ; a Bosmer bow-and-arrow nerd-lord named Shar (not to be confused with Shor) and an unnamed Blade. And Martin, of course. 

excuse the crappy low res, tumblr hates comics especially mine 

Some legends are told

Some turn to dust or to gold

But you will remember me

Remember me for centuries

And just one mistake

Is all it will take.

We’ll go down in history

Remember me for centuries

— “Centuries”, Fall Out Boy 

Anders + my m!Hawke, Aubrey + Meredith Stannard and some templars. 

Tumblr HATES horizontal images. 

My part of an art-trade with the beautiful and talented denythem! She drew me a lovely picture of my Warden, and in return, I drew her OC, Borgas, singing to Martin Septim. Hope you like it, dear! <3 

Birthday gift for my buddy wingsontheside ! Our D&D / Pathfinder RPG characters, Vance and Quinn, who were, previously to our current game, the only two characters of ours that actually got along.

Vance is a straight up rogue, and Quinn is a 3rd party class called Death Mage. He’s also a Lich. They’re both 20th level. They’re both nerds. 

Happy birthday, Jake! 

Happy birthday!

Thank you! :)

i don't know if you would remember me, but i followed you on deviantART years ago and seeing your name in your sidebar made me go holy shit a little. i don't know if knowing my username would make a difference but i just wanted to say you've always been amazingly inspiring to me and i'm really happy to see that you're still active and stuff. you taught me a lot about lgbtqa stuff before i knew i was queer so it means a lot to me that i found you. i'm sorry if this is creepy but i'm just excited!

That is so sweet of you to say! You are wonderful and great, and I wish I remembered who you were but I am horrible with names. ;~; Who were you on dA? 


Aw, thank you wonderful human!