Some designs for factions in a fantasy world. :)

Final design for my Shattered Star AP character!

His name is Elend (derived from Old High German ‘Elendi’, meaning ‘sorrow’) and he’s an Imperious Bloodline sorcerer. He’s a Varisian, a wanderer, a murderer, and an idealist at his core.

He’s also trans* - and I want to thank Pathfinder, paizo, and wesschneider for being totally amazing about trans* people in general. It’s  awesome to see the eyes of your trans* identifying friends light up when they see trans* people in the game that they love. Thanks guys! 

The ever-lovely messerehawke and I are doing an art-trade, and I was so excited by her request that I quickly knocked this out (by quickly, I mean about 3-5 hours of work) because I couldn’t contain myself! 

This is their trans* lady Hawke, Phedre, and one of her romantic interests, the always beautiful Isabela. I hope I was able to do some justice to this lovely pairing - I sometimes forget how fun girls are to draw until I draw them. :P 

Hope you like it messerehawke !

A mindless self indulgent doodle that I have pretty much nothing to say about, but whenever my m!Hawke and Anders stand back to back and fight off enemies it always warms my heart. 
Yes, my Hawke is wearing templar armor. he got it off of a guy he murdered

pheberoni did the Dragon Age: Origins companions as well, and I’m happy to rise to the challenge! These were very fun to draw. 

My mabari on my current playthrough is named Ser Slobber; hence the drool. 

apostatejowan was talking about how most people ignore the fact that blood mages are not exclusively demon-users - some of them just tap into their blood to use magic, and don’t deal with demons at all. My blood mage, Abbendis, is an example of this. He doesn’t tolerate demons - not in the slightest - and he’s actually proud of his origins in the Circle; he just doesn’t agree that blood magic is inherently bad. He believes that the Circle needs to offer a more intense education; so that future mages can be prepared to utilize the power of blood magic. 

Despite this, he gets along just fine with Wynne. :P 

markquestion asked: I just recently started following this blog and Undeadpaladin and I really like your characters and your art style :D

Aw, thank you so very much! I’m so glad you like my characters - I often worry that the people who follow me get super bored when they see my characters instead of more general fanart and fantasy art. :P Especially since I can go on and on about my characters forever! Thanks for the kind words mate! 

After seeing pheberoni ‘s amazing drawing of all of the Dragon Age 2 companions, I knew that i had to draw them all too. Some of them I managed to make look more like their designs than others. Just a quick upload in preparation for something bigger! :D 

My Hawke, Avery, is right next to Anders. 

Bethany looks so derpy jesus

King Basil and Prince Rory, after the events of a Post-Kingmaker, home-brewed Adventure Path run by the ever so lovely neurocease. King Basil (me) is a mythic rank paladin, and was the King of Brittainia for thirty-some years, before he passed the throne to his son, by Arwyn Rogarvia (son of Chorral the Conqueror), Rory. 

Rory had been hardened by brief entrapment in a soul gem, following the events of the Reign of Winter Adventure Path, and had come back from his imprisonment radically changed in personality - becoming harder and crueler than he had ever been before. On a desperate quest to eradicate all evil in Golarion, he razed Ustalav to the ground, and partitioned Cheliax after a long and bloody war. 

The newly-partitioned Cheliax, however, was rife with troubles and after a group of cultists tried to awaken an ancient evil, Rory returned to Cheliax with the intention of wiping it off the map, once and for all. However, he was stopped by a well intentioned group of adventurers. Soon after, King Basil returned from his adventuring to find his Kingdom on the brink of revolution, his son turned-extremist, and his good reputation and legacy in shambles. King Basil had remained on the throne as King Regent until Rory’s youngest child, Prince Gareth, is of age. 

It was so fun to draw Rory’s armor. I was trying to illustrate the effect of the spell ‘Mage Armor’ - I think it ended up looking very cool. Ignore my phoned in background though. :P

For those who care; I’m a Mythic Tier 9, Baelnorn Paladin (LG, Sarenrae-worshipper) and Rory is a Half-Dragon Wizard (LN (Now, previously LG))

techno-chinchilla asked: I just wanted to pop in and say I absolutely love your Pathfinder related art, it's just stunning and reminds me of a beautiful stain glass painting or ancient tapestry.

Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate your support and kind words! Keep an eye out - more on the way soon! :D